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With an average score of 4.74 we're rated EXCELLENT
2,711 reviews
Farzana Satti

These are excellent. Very helpfully SAts preparation

a week ago

Easy free downloads in pdf

2 weeks ago

Helpful and organised

2 weeks ago
Our customers say
With an average score of 4.74 we're rated EXCELLENT
2,711 reviews

2025 KS2 SATs Practice Papers (Ages 10-11)

  • ACE the KS2 SATs in May with these perfect practice papers.
  • Includes Maths, Reading & SPaG tests.
  • Includes spelling paper audio downloads for realistic test experience.
  • Fully up to date with the 2025 Curriculum & SATs tests.
  • Includes FULL Answers to every question.
  • Standard Delivery within 2-3 working days.
With an average score of 4.74 we're rated EXCELLENT
2,711 reviews
Farzana Satti

These are excellent. Very helpfully SAts preparation

a week ago

Easy free downloads in pdf

2 weeks ago

Helpful and organised

2 weeks ago

About the 2025 KS2 SATs Practice Papers (Ages 10-11)

Our 2025 KS2 SATs Practice Papers are here and they contain three full sets of 2025 KS2 SATs tests!.

  • 3x FULL sets of 2025 KS2 Maths Papers - Paper 1 (Arithmetic), Paper 2 (Reasoning) & Paper 3 (Reasoning).
  • 3x FULL sets of 2025 KS2 English Reading Papers.
  • 3x FULL sets of 2025 KS2 SPaG Papers (Punctuation/Grammar Task & Spelling Task).
  • SEPARATE "exam style" booklets for each test.
  • FULL Answers covering every single question.
  • Professionally produced audio files (for the Spelling tests).

These papers have been crafted to really push and prepare children. They're tough, really tough, and if children can conquer these papers then they're certainly ready for the real ones in May!

2025 KS2 SATs Practice Papers (Ages 10-11)

We really listened to our customer's feedback and so we've printed these practice papers as individual booklets rather than one large book. Every booklet is in full colour (on superb quality paper) and they're delivered to you shrink-wrapped into one package. Terrifyingly realistic and no more sneaky peeks in the back for the answers!

However, not happy with simply putting together the perfect collection of KS2 practice papers, we wanted to make them even more special. So we produced the audio for the Spelling tests! They're all correctly timed and professionally spoken by a former BBC World Service vocalist.

Nobody else offers such a comprehensive set of 2025 KS2 Practice Papers and no other set of practice papers will prepare your child as well as Exam Ninja's can.

3x KS2 Maths Practice Paper Sets

Carrying on from what was first introduced in 2016, children will have to face three separate KS2 Maths assessments. These are: Paper 1 (Arithmetic), Paper 2 (Reasoning) and Paper 3 (Reasoning). Interested to see what they look like? Why not look at the Sample KS2 Maths Practice Papers PDF.

Paper 1 contains around 35 tricky mental maths questions that include long-multiplication, fractions, decimals and percentages. It's not simple and it's easy to make a mistake. Paper 2 and Paper 3 contain questions devoted to mathematical reasoning and include many more topics like algebra, geometry and even Roman numerals. Preparation is vital.

Within this book are three full sets of tricky KS2 Maths papers. That's 3x Paper 1, 3x Paper 2 and 3x Paper 3 with no repetition or duplication. With this in their arsenal, they can't be any more prepared.

3x KS2 Reading Practice Paper Sets

Children no longer have a dedicated 15 minute reading period at the start of the test and nor are the texts all linked by a common theme. The texts and questions get progressively longer and harder as they work through them.

Within the pack are three full sets of extra tough KS2 Reading practice papers. As with the Maths papers, they really stretch children's abilities.

With this in their arsenal, they can't be any more prepared. If you're interested to see what they look like. why not download the Sample KS2 English Practice Papers PDF.

2025 KS2 SATs Practice Papers (Ages 10-11)

3x KS2 SPaG Practice Paper Sets

SPaG's got harder, a LOT harder and for this May it will be very challenging! The KS2 SPaG tests will assess children on the same topics and these Exam Ninja practice papers are the most authentic simulation available, including both the incredibly tricky Paper 1 : Questions as well as Paper 2 : Spelling.

Plenty of parents can explain what a noun is and how it's different to an adjective, that's quite straightforward. The trouble comes when you're trying to explain prepositions, clauses or noun phrases. It doesn't even stop there! The KS2 SPaG Papers will even delve into scary things like subordinating conjunctions!

Like we said, they're hard...really, really hard! If you're interested to see what they look like. why not download the Sample KS2 English Practice Papers PDF.

2025 KS2 SATs Practice Papers (Ages 10-11)

To give our customers' children an enviable advantage in the national tests, we've bundled in the audio for all three Spelling Tasks. The instructions are read and the questions asked - it doesn't get any more realistic.

They cannot be any more prepared.

2025 KS2 SATs Practice Papers (Ages 10-11)

As well as these enormously valuable Maths and English practice papers, we also include all the answers. These are presented as a formal marking scheme (just like the real tests) so your child can potentally score "method marks" if they don't answer a question correctly.

2025 KS2 SATs Practice Papers (Ages 10-11)

Make no mistake, these papers are not like those available from other publishers. We worked exceptionally hard to make them more challenging, more intricate and a superior preparation tool. They're exactly what children need for May 2025.

Product Code Publisher ISBN 13
EN1795 Exam Ninja 9780993176418
2025 KS2 SATs Practice Papers (Ages 10-11) Look Inside Image 1
2025 KS2 SATs Practice Papers (Ages 10-11) Look Inside Image 2
2025 KS2 SATs Practice Papers (Ages 10-11) Look Inside Image 3
2025 KS2 SATs Practice Papers (Ages 10-11) Look Inside Image 4
2025 KS2 SATs Practice Papers (Ages 10-11) Look Inside Image 5
2025 KS2 SATs Practice Papers (Ages 10-11) Look Inside Image 6
2025 KS2 SATs Practice Papers (Ages 10-11) Look Inside Image 7
2025 KS2 SATs Practice Papers (Ages 10-11) Look Inside Image 8
2025 KS2 SATs Practice Papers (Ages 10-11) Look Inside Image 9
2025 KS2 SATs Practice Papers (Ages 10-11) Look Inside Image 10
2025 KS2 SATs Practice Papers (Ages 10-11) Look Inside Image 11

Awesome Resource! Very fast delivery. Huge thanks!

Alexander Armstrong

This was everything I needed condensed into a single pack! I felt that this represents good value for money and I will definitely use it again. Alex

Bunmi Ogunmola

Shazia Malik

Very happy with sats paper its like doing sats at school helps to get ready for sats

Safiyyah Mohammed

A good set of practice SATs tests for Year 6s. I did find that some questions that appeared on the Arithmetic papers were not the type of format that we have covered (some negative squared numbers) amongst a few others. The SPaG paper my students found confusing, but I think that is partly down to preferring the SATs style of tests. For constructive criticism, I would really appreciate similar styled questions, but with a simpler format like the genuine KS2 SATs, as this works for me. All in all, a good investment but would like to see a slight change in the format for consistency.

Alicja Gieryk

Your books were very useful.I'm going definitely use it in the future for different exams Thank you!



Shazia Sheikh

Very precise and exactly what I needed


Fantastic to help prepare my 10 year old for his year 6 SATs.


Forgot to mention the service was exceptional. Ordered next day delivery the week before the SATs and received it next day. No issues. Thanks

Frederick Leeson

Superb resource! All 3 areas of the tests thoroughly challenging and beautifully presented. I recommend these books to anyone involved in KS2 SATS.


Very good revision material.

Susan Taylor


Elena Woodcock


Really effective resource - has had a positive impact.

Lorine Ugbeye

I find it very resourceful. I will commend your effort for this compilation.

Zayn Thomas

Very good exam books for practising towards SATs.

Joey Pugh

We have used CGP and Letts papers for quite a long time and they were good but not especially varied or difficult. Then we found these Exam Ninja papers and they are FANTASTIC! There's a real diversity with their content and the questions are really hard. The answers are detailed the audio works very well. I can already see it's helping my son despite only doing one set so far. Thank you Exam Ninja and keep up the good work!

Finlay Herbert

great pack of papers

Rahana Hussain

Hard questions on all the right topics

Gillian Bowmer

An excellent set to begin the revision

Alfred Short

Very good set of exam papers that I know will help my son a lot. I wish I knew about Exam Ninja sooner.

Maxine Browne

Absolutely fantastic! It helped my son prepare for his sats.He was struggling to begin with which is why I ordered the practice papers. Best decision I ever made would recommend.


Perfect. Better than the CGP ones!



Muhammad Ali

Challenging and really diverse range of questions. Superb practice for SATS! All the answers are in the pack too.


Excellent very useful.

Rachel Sharp

Helped my daughter get 120 on all her sats

Lynne Colgrave

The pack was great for Y6 preparation, especially the spelling, punctuation and grammar papers. My granddaughter found the Reasoning papers difficult, but they highlighted the areas she was finding difficult. Going through these with her, gave her the confidence she needed to go forward. Delivery was excellent too.


I bought a variety of books to help year 6 pupils revise for SATS. Perfect additional resources. Delivery was really quick too. Many thanks.


Really good , my son is in year 6 and preparing for Sat in May, he has been using other books but this is so useful . Delivery was quick.

Grateful Mum

Excellent resources. It was a great help to have different papers to practice on with handy answer booklet. Each paper tackles all the topics. It has enough practice papers to keep the mind ticking. I’m just grateful I am not short of questions to give my child to work on especially for the Easter holiday.


Fantastic pack of practice sats tests. My daughter has started working through them and she's already getting more confident. Thank you Exam Ninja!

A Ramos

Very pleased with the items that I ordered. Plenty of scope for tackling a variety of challenging exercises.


Highly recommended. Very high standard and great that they're in colour. The answers are a godsend!


Bought Pack 1 and Pack 2 and they're great. I just want you to make Pack 3 exam ninja!


Very good.


Having run out of old papers I thought long and hard and eventually took the plunge of spending £14.95 on these papers…and I really wish I did it earlier! They arrived the following day


As a teacher I know how important it is to have good practice tests before a real one and these are no exception. Loads of topics


you are amazing even though I just knew you


Very good service. Fast delivery. Very good books for practice.


Fantastic pack of practice sats tests. My daughter has started working through them and she's already getting more confident. Thank you Exam Ninja!


Very good. I'm surprised how much I got for the price - it's a lot of paper!


Very happy with these papers. I got them for my son who's always struggled with tests. They're really challenging but it's given him plenty to work on. All I've done is reassure him that he CAN work out the right answer with enough practice.


Top marks Exam Ninja


Just buy these practice papers


Thank you for these sats tests exam ninja. Really good value and my boy is even enjoying them??!


Just what the doctor ordered - tricky sats practice tests that have kept my daughter busy.


Tricky papers that stretched my son's skills


I like the way they came with the audio. This let my daughter practise the spelling tests like a real exam. I think she's going to do really well now with these tests!


Having tried with the past papers (that my son had already done in school) and the Letts ones from Amazon


Stop wasting your time with past papers or cheap ones like I found for free online


My school bought 120 copies of these for our Year 6 group and for good reason. They're far more comprehensive and challenging than the CGP papers we've used in the past and we felt they're the best available.


I think these are really great papers because they're really hard and have lots of different topics. Very pleased customer!


Really loved the pack as it came with handy practice papers plus the answer book. Cant appreciate enough as i wouldn't have been able to print off all by myself from the internet in my busy schedule. And for a very reasonable price. Thinking of ordering pack 2 by the end of the month. Great help. Thank you team for putting it all together!


Great service and received in 48 hours. Very challenging and great prep for SATS


Excellent content and presentation. My daughter was actually excited opening the package and said the English reading material was really interesting. It worked well having the papers and answers individually bound.


amazing quality . Couldn`t be happier with the results . Plus,it lives up to its name with next day delivery!

Mrs B Jones

Arrived really quickly, very impressed, excellent resource for my 11 year old about to do SATS.

Julie C Bodiam

Fastest delivery I have encountered. Next day, means next day with this company. Forward thinking products for preparation towards SATS Y6. Gives confidence to pupils with level competence and helps them progress and be ready for the tests.


Very good - I ordered this for my son who is in year 5 as practice. So far so good :) many thanks

Tracie beech

We have started home schooling and have tried all the referalls from people but to be honest exam ninja help my daughter that has a fratual skull and struggles with understanding things but everything is explained clearly and easy to understand she was 1 yr behind with her work so the school reports say but we have just been assess by the education board and passed with flying colours we have only been doing it since January 2017 I the education board was so impressed with how quickly she has come that there now putting it on there list to recommend to other parents


Excellent revision resource but would have preferred them to be in separate sets. Thank you


Thank you for delivering my exam papers, so quickly and efficiently whilst being able to track them too ❤ excellent service, and content really impressed.


Excellent service - really useful material


Thank you arrived very next day after ordering fantastic quality.

Pat Slinger

Very useful, makes lesson planning easy.

Margaret Bell

I am very happy with the papers I received. They arrived within 48 hours and were well packaged. The papers are an excellent resource and highlight weak areas in both English and Maths which I can target as a tutor. I will be purchasing similar papers for other year groups.

Jim Kendall

Excellent all round. Quick delivery and a high quality product. My 11-year old daughter has started working her way through these practice papers and we are finding the ability to identify weak areas in her knowledge very useful. With 3 full sets of papers included these packs represent excellent value for money - highly recommended.


Used these a couple of years back and they are great. Good that they have gone back yo the individual booklet styles which is so much better.

Richard R

Just what I wanted. Quick delivery.


Really great service. My order came the very next day and I was kept informed of progress. The product itself was brilliant and there were even little extras in there such as revision cards which have been great. Also a timetable of what exams are when. Thank you so much. You have exceeded all of my expectations.

Kitty White

Great service and tracking Wonderful packaging and book in excellent condition, unwrapping the book was a nice touch and you could see the service had gone that extra mile. The book is a great resource, plus PDFs download and Audio files - great value. Thank you


Fantastic resource really enjoyed using these papers. Audio spelling test excellent. Like a previous reviewer my daughters school is behind with the current curriculum but this resource and others I have purchased from Exam Ninja have enabled me to cover these areas at home. Many thanks


Great turnaround for delivery and customer service, Books were great


The book is really good for new and existing curriculum 2016 KS2 exam. Practice tests are excellent.


Very Comprehensive and Helpful.


Book is excellent! It has impressed my colleagues in having seen the new type paper and we love the way they are more robust.


This book covered a good range for a Year 6 pupil. The answers should be in a different booklet to avoid pupils referring to them during work.


This book is lovely. On the one hand, it is very handy to have everything in one book, and may indeed inspire my son to be neat as he is actually writing in a real book! On the other hand, I think I would have preferred the papers to be in separate packs and as actual papers, so the child gets a feel for actually handling the exam paper and being careful not to miss out pages (which has actually happened in other practice tests). I had wanted to copy these papers for my friend's daughter, so she could get some practice too, but it will be tricky because of the book format. Excellent value for three full sets of practice papers. Thank you Exam Ninja!


Excellent product, really like the fact all the questions are in one book but agree it would be better if the answer booklet was separate. It arrived promptly and has helped my son gain confidence.


I am tutoring five Year 6 pupils and this book is going to equip them well for their KS2 SATS starting 9 May.

ekta jani

Very quick delivery and nice description. On some points I am a little confused so if they tried to explain how they came to a particular answer it would be more helpful.

Diana Gibbs

Very useful, just what I needed. Good delivery. Thank you


Packaging and delivery was good and prompt. I find it useful to use for intervention groups in school. I have noticed there aren't any 3 mark questions in the reading paper, but not sure whether this is a new alteration to the SATs. The test papers have a very similar style to the new SATs papers which provides excellent practice for pupils. It is slightly awkward to photocopy due to the thickness of the book. I would recommend this book for year 6 pupils.


Excellent, really fast delivery and great books. Has helped my son get to grips with the 2016 SATS. Really impressed.


Very pleased with this learning resource, I have a Y6 daughter and a Y5 son, both have enjoyed doing these practice papers. Thanks Exam Ninja.


Excellent practice material but would be much easier to use if it was in separate sections

P. Rainey

Got this for my daughter. It was dispatched very quickly. She has started working through some of the tests. The tests are based on the new 2016 format. Good quality and the questions are challenging. Very good set of practice papers.

Mrs P

Very good book. You get a lot for your money and it challenges the child.

Debbie Bloom

Very useful resource although I wish it was in a more appropriate folder to enable easier divide - I don't find it easy to photocopy and its a huge book to lug around.

Louise Leadbeater

Very quickly dispatched upon order and arrived promptly and very well packaged. Lovely book and guide card with link to internet for audio spellings. Very pleased so far (have recommended to friends) - many thanks.


As Usual another FANTASTIC set of SATS papers in-line with the NEW 2016 Specification. Quality of book/ Questions/ correspondance/ packaging all 100%. I have been buying from Exam Ninja now for some time. Best company on the internet. ImranIqbal121tutor


5 out of 5 very good quality its the best you can get.☺

Dincy Mathew

Good practice papers,if you could add how the answer comes it could be more helpful


My son found these a little more tricky than the ‘other’ practice papers. The same subjects are covered but the questions are in a slightly different style which really tested whether he knew the subject. Some holes were identified.


Very quick delivery. Have looked through them but as they are a resource I have not used them yet, although have adapted ideas, so that the children are used to the format.


Delivered very quickly. Would have preferred the book to be ring bound so it last longer. Tests are clearly set out and and challenging.


The resource is great and the service excellent (so 5/5). I agree with many of the other comments that I would have preferred the papers to be separated out (similar to the years 5, 4 and 3 test papers and answers) as this is a lot easier to handle isn't so scary for the student (so 4/5)


Very useful material: I agree that it would be better if the answers were in a separate booklet, and it wasn't clear that all the papers were in one book. I would have preferred separate packs, not least because the book is so difficult to photocopy. Many parents and tutors want a child to be able to have more than one go at the material, and therefore don't wish to write directly into the book, hence the wish to photocopy pages, without any intention of breaching copyright. Incidentally, the book isn't easy to write into without breaking the spine, again because of the size. In brief, great content, but the design needs work.


My daughter needed extra help and I wanted something that would be as close as possible to the 2016 Mock SATs papers I found online. I'm really pleased with the content, all of the papers have tested my daughter and I can see a real improvement with each new paper she completes. My only problem is with the book. After using it for a few day the spine split so pages were falling out. In the end I've had to take the section out completely and staple it together. It might have been better to have the answers in a separate pack to avoid this problem.


Great tests. I expected them to be in pack form rather than one book. However, great product and speedy delivery.


Book really good for practice.


Very good product. Pleased I could get the materials and mark scheme all in one pack. My one 'even better if' point would be to put it in a ring binder which would make it easier to use.

Fiona Grewcock

I decided to get the Exam Ninja 2016 practice papers when my child's school admitted to being "slightly behind" on getting ready for new curriculum and therefore the 2016 SATs. They had a lot of old papers but in light of the changes these were largely irrelevant. I wanted real papers and all of them. This book is excellent enables you to emulate the exam but with the answers available. We realised holes in my daughters knowledge which we worked on immediately. English sections means that as a parent I can be re-taught grammar and therefore be of help to my children. Will definitely be buying for my Yr5 next year! Agree with other review, would be easier if answers were in a separate book.


Very good service and the papers are relevant and appropriate for practise. I agree - it would be helpful if the answers were separate as it would be easier to manage.


Very good set of tests but would have preferred them to be in separate sets.

Chris H

Plenty of material in this book. Spelling tests are very difficult.


These tests are very very similar to the 2016 Mock SATS - with some questions literally having the diagram turned around. Nevertheless, I took it into school and it has ended that my HoY liked it that the Year 6 Teachers are going to be getting one.

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