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KS2 Maths Study Book (Ages 10-11)

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Of all the subjects in Year 6, Maths is arguably one of the most complex and frustrating for little ninjas facing their Key Stage 2 SATs. However the KS2 Maths Study Book (Age 10-11) has been written specifically for 10-11 year olds in mind. As such, the Study Book contains everything your little ninja needs to reach their potential in their SATs maths tests.

Explaining everything your child needs to know as clearly and as simply as possible, the KS2 Maths Study Book (Age 10-11) aims to make the whole revision experience as enjoyable as possible. As such, the guide also contains cartoons, illustrations and humour to keep your little ninja engaged.

The Study Book is divided into seven main sections, each of which contains several subsections on specific mathematical concepts. For the KS2 Maths SATs tests, the principle areas of revision are Counting and Numbers, Knowing And Using Number Facts, Calculating, Shapes, Measuring, Handling Data and Using And Apply Mathematics.

Each section is presented in an easy-to-follow and colourful manner that is easy to understand and contains plenty of colourful examples and pictures to help your little ninjas develop their maths skills. At the end of each section, there are also practice questions to help your ninjas check how much they've learnt and understood. There are also answers are at the back as well as a handy glossary to help explain any tricky maths terms that might need clarification.

Like all of CGP’s revision guides, the KS2 Maths Study Book (Age 10-11) is carefully written to easily explain the most complex of mathematical concepts to your little ninjas, but what makes them stand out above the competition is the element of humour. This, and the colourful presentation, makes this Study Book an easily accessible and useful revision tool.

By learning everything they need to know for their Maths SATs in a fun and less stressful way, your little ninjas will not be fazed by the looming threat of their maths exams and will go in far more confidently and more prepared than ever before!

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Why they need the KS2 Maths Study Book (Age 10-11):

  • Well organised and presented summary of the Key Stage 2 Maths curriculum.
  • Includes cartoons and illustrations to help explain more complex concepts.
  • Far more enjoyable and productive than simply reading over past classroom notes.

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