Phonics Flashcards (Set 1)


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These Phonics Flash Cards introduce the sounds and the corresponding graphemes (letters), to enable children to decode words easily so they are ready to conquer other phonics exercises.

This set includes 48 phonics cards which illustrate the letter sounds a-z and the sounds sh, ch th, nk and ng. Picture/Word cards are included for children to practice using the sounds they have learnt in context.

Guidance for parents to practice the sounds with their child is offered throughout.

Phonics Flashcards (Set 1)
Product Code EN1304
Publisher Read Write Inc
ISBN 10 0198386710
ISBN 13 9780198386711

Reviews (48)

Sara L.(05/06/2013)


I've recommended these for all parents at my school. My three year old loves phonics! These cards make learning the sounds lots of fun. We've made up a couple of games.



We moved to a school which has been using this system so very quickly needed to get everyone up to speed with the slight differences in pronunciation for some sounds and letters. The cards are fairly sturdy and well made, and should be useful for siblings as well. All good!



These cards are excellent. They are colour coordinated so that you only work with the correct group of letters for your child's development. The instruction cards are very useful and straight forward. My son is doing RML in nursery and so its been good to be able to do some work at home with him.



Superb learning resource. To be used in conjunction with the Read Write Inc. series of books. Excellent resource for the teaching and understanding of phonics.



these are good sized cards and have helped my little one enormously I would recommend them to anyone any time






I bought this for my 6 year old son who has learning difficulties. This is the phonics program they use at his school so I wanted to have a set at home to reinforce what he's learning at school. He loves using them to make up words and the pictures on the back make a great reminder for him of the sound of the letter. I would recommend these for any pre-schoolers or for children just learning their sounds.



our daughter has come on great with the help of these cards. nearly all schools use these now and its great to know that you can help teach them with what they learn at nursery/reception



Was recommend by a friend as my daughter was struggling at reception with her sounds....It made a world of difference and not only can she read, she is confident in sounding out (phonics), I have learnt as well (not taught the phonics in school)and will pass on to her siblings, I have already recommend to all my friends..Fantastic



excellent product but need to have handbook to be able to make full use of all flashcards which are bright and fun



Such a good system. My daughter is doing so well after getting these cards. I don't think there can be a more effective way of learning to read. So impressed



Very happy with the item I received but was slightly shocked with how high the postage was for such a small item! But happy with item itself!

Catriona (16/08/2012)


Thank you so much, there are just what my daughter wanted. My daughter has these's cards at school an has been doing fantastic with her phonics. Service was great, arrived before estimated date... Thank you



My son is 5 years old and half way through his first year at school and purchased these cards together with the book to help him with his reading and writing, very bright and fun cards which my son really enjoyed and I feel has helped him a great deal in his first year at big school - would recommend



this product is great BT u do have be consistent and patient. This get my two year old reading and recognising words also boosted her vocab. Couldn't for anything more as with anything educational u have to keep at it and b repetitive. Never tell urn child the word as they will just memorise the words BT plenty of encourage meant and allow them to learn in there own time honestly the penny drops and b shocked by how quick they progress....



Really good resource to reinforce learning at home. Lovely to be able to have insight into how my child learns as school so he doesn't get mixed messages about phonics.



I own both the flash cards and the books and my son is doing really well with them. The only regret I have is not knowing about this product sooner!



This is perfect if your child needs practise on Phonics. Easy to use and clear instructions. Go but it now



They were really great and helped so much, They taught me and my 4 year old daughter lots, with great pictures



My son struggles to concentrate so we wanted to help at home. school uses the read write program so we brought these. They are fantastic. Easy to follow instruction that move the child through different levels of learning. For a mum wanting to help they have been a huge success and after 1 week of use we can see the difference 15 minutes a day at home can make. 100% recommend.



These have been absolutely brilliant for teaching my son how to read. I love read write inc because it teaches phonetic sounds, encourages children to look at and recognise sounds (which last reading scheme didn't) and even teaches how to actually write letters. My son and I have done 10 - 15 minutes a day with these cards for the last few weeks and he has gone from knowing 1 or 2 letters to recognising nearly all of the them. He now recognises letters, reads short words and can pick out and order the letters to make words. The cards are not like having a whole book to go through, they encourage short and frequent usage which is ideal for small children. They are ordered in a way to build up knowledge. Would recommend this system to anyone wanting to teach their children how to read.



Great tool for children learning to read. Item arrived promptly. Would recommend hence 5 star rating. Good quality cards. Will buy next set from Amazon when our daughter is ready to move on to next stage.



recommended by my sons reception teacher, we have been practising these at home.thia is a really nice way to spend quality time with the little one. I am not a big fan of computerised toys nor computers in that young age. my son really likes these cards as well.



My little girl uses this system at school and I got these for her little brother who will be starting next Sept to encourage him to learn his letters. You only do short quick bursts with them to begin with so it keeps it short and fun. My little boys likes the bouncy sounds best. Easy to use and not expensive.



this item was purchased for work as my partner is a school at and she loves it and has been extremely helpful.



This has helped my child continue the good work she is doing at school at home...



These would be great for those people who want to continue with the read write inc scheme at home to benefit their child. I have bought them as an extra for use in the classroom so I have my own pack handy. GREAT x



These cards follow the 'Read, Write, Inc' scheme which many schools use. The letters are printed on one side with the letter and on the other side the letter is printed with an associated picture. It might be helpful if the ditties (that are used in schools to help the children learn the sounds)were included for parents. Emily J Grenfell South Northants



Haven't started using these yet but imagine they will be as great as the first set at helping my 4 year old to read and write.



I can highly recommend this system for teaching your child letters and simple words. Within a few weeks your child will recognise all their letters and be spelling simple words such as mat, cat etc.



I bought these to accompany the book set Read Write Inc. Phonics Collection - 18 Books. The instructions are superb so I feel confident helping my 3 year olds (starting school this Sept) the basics. They were already keen so I thought I would help them prepare for school. Already having one child in school reading extremely well, I'm pleased to encourage the other two to do the same.



These cards are good flash cards to help your child at home. It will back up what they are learning at school . If they're following read write inc.



My 4.5year old loved these cards - really helped him keep up with the class as he could make upwards and blend. Great product!



My daughter loves these cards ' they support her learning in school. They don't have the jingle on the bottom that explains how to write the word so we have another set as well (teachers set) so we have one set each. Would recommend.



these are great value for money and a must in all 3-6 yr olds they are great for learning and 5 yr old uses these at school and at home now :) great buy



The Read Write Inc Phonics system is the one used by the school my daughter will attend next year, so we decided to buy this set of flashcards, along with the book about using the system at home, just so that we could gem up on how it all worked (it's a very different way of learning to read than I used when I was at school!) and so that she was already familiar with some of the illustrations and basics of the system prior to next September. Within only a matter of weeks she had not only learnt all of the individual sounds, but was also able to 'blend' these quite easily into words, such as 'cat', 'dog', 'hat' etc.She is still four weeks off her forth birthday, but has now completed the next set of flashcards (the yellow box) and many of the accompanying story books. The system is incredibly easy to use at home, and incredibly easy for them to pick up. We spent no more than 5-10 minutes each morning having a look at a new sound or practicing blending a few sounds into words. My husband and I didn't want to force learning to read on her, but she is so enthusiastic and actually asks to sit and do 'some words'. We can't believe how quick and easy the system seems to have made learning to read!



I have used this pack of very attractive cards to help a four year old child enjoy learning the basics of reading, by using phonetics.



After finding out the school used this method for teaching I rushed out and bought these. The cards are well presented and very useful to have a set at home - the instructions are very clear.



I have a 2 and a half year old bright little girl, I thought about teaching her the alphabet but didn't know where to start, these cards make it easy and in bite sized fun chunks, in 2 months my daughter nearly knows them all and now points to random letters and says their sound, they are a bargain for the use you will get from them, just bought the more phonics flashcards too which are a bit more advanced combining letters to make sounds 'au' air of eel etc great



Phonic cards which are both adult and child friendly. Good explanation of how to use the cards. My granddaughter loves them. The only negative is that they would have been better if they had been laminated. However for the price they are a good buy.



I love using the cards with my 4yr old. We use them to spice up phonic activities that are sent home from school. This has especially helped as we felt that he was beginning to know the order rather then recognise the letters. We have noticed an improvment.Especially good as the school uses this system.



These cards are good for learning letters. I laminated all of the cards as that way they will last longer.

Sherly (21/11/2011)


I bought these flashcards for my 4 year old son to complement his school literacy program and I believe they have really aided his learning. The cards are printed both sides, one side with the plain letter and the other with the letter plus appropriate illustration and sound guide. They are very colourful and easy to handle and come complete with several cards explaining how to use the letter cards to the best advantage. I gave my son a new card for every new letter sound he learnt at school which he seemed to regard as a treat! Because the cards are simple but fun and easy to use we've been able to spend a quick ten minutes or so every day practising the individual sounds or blending several together to make words or playing little sound/word games which has made learning a lot more fun in short bursts. My only criticism is that the short phrase used as a guide for writing the letters is not included on the card. This would have been quite useful. Nonetheless, I would recommend these cards to anyone starting on the Read Write Inc. scheme.



This set is ok. I would recommend that you skip this set and go straight on to the yellow set.



Great cards, its just a shame Ruth Masking has decided to erase the phonics handwriting on the new cards, Its the most important piece of learning on the card, when teaching children how to write Letter e.g. 'a' card should read, Round the apple , down the leaf. It doesn't anymore on all of them.



Our little boy has just started at school - the school is great - I bought these cards with the specific intention of helping him to write the letters starting in the right place (he has a tendency to draw upwards) - the scheme at the school is excellent with little stories (down knobby and over his net for n). there is no mention of this skill anywhere in the cards. very disappointed.



As a teacher and parent who has taught children to read I was very disappointed with these flashcards. The instructions were complicated and some of the ideas for using the cards were very poor. A number of the pictures were unsuitable for little children learning to read. (X picture are experiment, explosion and exercise, which all begin with an e, and 'quarrel' for qu.) Needless to say I won't be using them with any of my pupils. A complete waste of money.



I am really disappointed with these flashcards, my 5 year old son is doing well with his reading but I thought these would help him sound out more tricky words. There are flashcards for 'she', 'the', 'chi' and 'quad' but what about the other sounds 'of', 'eel', 'air', 'ff' etc? These are a complete waste of money as far as I am concerned and the picture flashcards have tiny writing on them!

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