The Number Puzzler (Ages 7-11)

The Number Puzzler (Ages 7-11)

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Created by: Tarquin

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The Number Puzzler (Ages 7-11) is a superb number sequence workbook.

Within it are a collection of challenging number puzzles along with explanations for how to solve them. Children need to use all their skills and ingenuinty to tackle the demanding sequences.

Number Challenges Ages 7-11

All the puzzles are in the form of a sequence of numbers with missing terms. For each of them there is an underlying rule or hidden connection between the numbers that children need to spot.

As with crosswords, jigsaws and sudoku puzzles, these sequence problems are fun and satisfying to solve!

The Number Puzzler (Ages 7-11) is a great book for children to develop their number sequence skills.

The Number Puzzler (Ages 7-11)
Product CodeEN1985
ISBN 101899618473
ISBN 139781899618477

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