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Year 2 English Practice Pack (Ages 6-7)

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Year 2 English Practice Pack (Ages 6-7)

As children progress through Year 2, they learn an enormous amount of information including both practical and academic skills. They may well have already spent two years at school but so much is still so new. The only way to retain all this new information is to practise it!

The Year 2 English Practice Pack is a comprehensive practice tool for children aged between 6 and 7. It includes three separate workbooks specifically targeted towards children in Year 2.

The superb Comprehension Workbook is a colourful and challenging book that starts with basic texts before moving on to more complex and longer pieces. Every text contains a number of questions that get steadily harder as children progress.

The KS1 English Practice Book (Age 6-7) is essentially a "big, fat" (and challenging) question book. It includes a wide range of topics (including spelling, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, comprehension and more) that are all aimed at your child in Year 2.

Lastly, the included KS1 Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar Year 2 Workbook is packed full of even more challenging questions and activities to help build their SPaG skills. As with the other books in our Year 2 English Practice Pack, it's targeted at Year 2 pupils, carefully matched to the latest National Curriculum and includes full answers.

The Year 2 English Practice Pack is a superb learning tool that children can use alongside their school work to help them practise their English in preparation for their KS1 SATs.

Within the Year 2 English Practice Pack (Ages 6-7) are the following books:

Quantity Title Product Code RRP
1 Year 2 Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar Question Book (Ages 6-7) EN1477 £4.95
1 KS1 English Practice Book (Ages 6-7) EN1582 £7.95
1 Comprehension Workbook (Ages 5-7) EN1806 £5.95

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