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Year 2 Maths Practice Pack (Ages 6-7)

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  • Help your Year 2 child through Maths
  • Hundreds of questions with study materials
  • All topics covered
  • Full answers included
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Year 2 Maths Practice Pack (Ages 6-7)

The Year 2 Maths Practice Pack is a comprehensive practice tool for children aged between 6 and 7. It includes three workbooks and a separate study and question book. The contents of all the books is specifically targeted towards children in Year 2.

Within the pack is the fantastic Year 2 Maths Study & Question Book is a brilliant way for children to get to grips with their Maths. For every topic, there's a page of clear, colourful notes that summarises all of the important facts and skills.

This is followed by a page of practice questions to test children on what they've just learned. All the answers are included in a cut-out-and-keep section in the middle of the book.

Year 2 Maths Practice Pack (Ages 6-7)

The other three workbooks are bursting with mathematical questions for children aged 6-7. They're presented in a fun and friendly way with plenty of cartoons and to help keep them engaged. As with the Study & Question Book, all the answers are included so it's easy and fast to keep a close eye on how they're progressing.

The Year 2 Maths Practice Pack is a superb learning tool that children can use alongside their school work to help them practise their Maths.

Within the Year 2 Maths Practice Pack (Ages 6-7) are the following books:

Quantity Title Product Code RRP
1 Year 2 Maths Workout Book (Ages 6-7) EN1294 £3.95
1 Year 2 Maths Targeted Study & Question Book (Ages 6-7) EN1471 £4.95
1 Year 2 Mental Maths Workout Book (Ages 6-7) EN1475 £3.95
1 KS1 Maths Practice Book (Ages 6-7) EN1576 £7.95

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