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Year 2 Maths Targeted Study & Question Book (Ages 6-7)

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  • Product Code: EN1471
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Year 2 Maths Targeted Study & Question Book (Ages 6-7)

This fabulous all-in-one CGP Study & Question book is a brilliant way for pupils in Year 2 to get to grips with KS1 Maths!

For every topic, there’s a page of clear, colourful notes that summarises all the important skills. This is followed by a page of practice questions to test children on what they’ve just learned. Also included are two objective tests to assess children’s skills at the start and end of the year.

All the answers are included in a cut-out-and-keep section in the middle of the book, and there are friendly explanations of all the key maths terms at the back.

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EN1471 CGP 1782941363 9781782941361