Year 2 Maths Workout Book (Age 6-7)


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This smashing book is packed with quick-fire practice Maths workout questions for children in Year 2 (ages 6-7). Presented in a fun, cartoony style, it’s a great way to help make sure they’re really got to grips with all the important topics.

What’s more, all the answers are included in a cut-out-and-keep section at the back of the book, so it’s simple to find out how well they’re progressing.

Year 2 Maths Workout Book (Age 6-7)
Product Code EN1294
Publisher CGP
ISBN 10 1841460818
ISBN 13 9781841460819

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I bought this book to assist and give me ideas as I am tutoring a child. I am glad I was able to preview some of the pages on Amazon before purchasing and am very pleased with the layout and approach.



this book is really good for practicing year 2 maths . different range and variety of maths problems to solve good value for money . You might though need to teach your child basic before they attempt its more like quest bank.



this is a great book to test year 2's learning on maths, I found all the pages easy to understand and readable. The questions are set to the right level.



This great book is just what it says. No gimics, cutesy pictures or paragraphs of instruction. It just gives your child the chance to practise what they have learnt at school. If that's what you're after, buy this book!



THis is a very good exercise book that we enjoy doing with my son. . . . . . . .



I bought this book to help my daughter who is in year 2 have a bit more confidence with her Maths and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. Its black and white and not all singing all dancing like some of the more colourful revision aids but my daughter liked the variation in problems and wants to do more which can only be a good thing



Most kids hate maths, and this book is worth getting if you are home teaching, or just using it as an aide to keep your child's maths up to date



This is a much needed wakeup resource for my kid. Its pretty easy to simply rely on the school works but with this workout, the kids tend to connect regularly with their inner genuises.



This book arrived very quickly. This book is perfect for my 7 year old son. It is clear and easy to follow and he actually enjoys working through it!

Andrew (16/02/2013)


good - needed for my work. Making a review this long is ridiculous. And yet more words needed!!! ok ok



Fairly good workot maths book. However, there are few similar questions to work out. The contents are good but work practices few for little one to practice more . Extra sheet per content will be better.

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