Year 4 Maths Practice Pack (Age 8-9)

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Learning Maths throughout KS2 is tough and in Year 4 it’s especially tough.

With so many new topics to handle like fractions and geometry over and above the already tricky number calculations, children could do with an extra bit of help. As with everything in life (especially Maths!), if we want to become good at something then we need to practise it!

Enter the Exam Ninja Year 4 Maths Practice Pack, a carefully selected and perfectly matched pack of five books to help your child conquer all their mathematical concerns. It’s a comprehensive practice tool for children aged between 8 and 9 and includes four targeted workbooks and a helpful study book.

The workbooks are essentially the question books and all four are bursting with perfectly pitched mathematical questions encompassing all the right topics for your Year 4 child. Some of the questions they’ll find relatively easy and some they’ll find exceptionally hard. Remember, it’s a comprehensive Year 4 Maths practice tool!

The questions in each book are grouped together by topic which makes it easy for your child to “dip in” and “dip out” on whatever weakness they wish to target.

If your child finds a question they don’t understand or struggle to tackle, this pack has got them covered. Within the included Study Book are a wealth of colourful and easy to follow explanations and worked examples that clearly demonstrate how to approach every question.

Rest assured, all the questions and study notes are fully updated to the new national curriculum and all their respective answers are included.

The Exam Ninja Year 4 Maths Practice Pack is a superb practice tool that children can use alongside their school work to help them practise their Maths.

Each Year 4 Maths Practice Pack (Age 8-9) (Product Code EN9051) contains...
1x Year 4 Mental Maths Workout Book (Age 8-9) (Ninja Code: EN1228, RRP £3.95)
1x Year 4 Maths Targeted Study Book (Age 8-9) (Ninja Code: EN1479, RRP £4.95)
1x Year 4 Maths Targeted Question Book (Age 8-9) (Ninja Code: EN1481, RRP £3.95)
1x Year 4 Maths Workout Book (Age 8-9) (Ninja Code: EN1526, RRP £3.95)
1x KS2 Maths Practice Book (Age 8-9) (Ninja Code: EN1578, RRP £6.95)

So in buying this carefully selected and specially tailored pack you'll even save £3.80!

Reviews (16)



Purchased for my daughter in Year 4. Full, clear coverage of all Year 4 topics. Different book types present info in different ways so good for them to have differs layout of question types within the same area of the syllabus.



These books are great, simple, easy to use and current.

I am a tutor and these have made my life easy as I don't need to look anywhere else. The explanation and work needed to reinforce are all there. Thanks! Have the Year 4 books as well which are just as good.



Bought for my child in year 4. I am a primary school teacher and I know it will help support him at home.
Speedy delivery.
Clearly laid out.
Would definitely recommend it.

milly(19/11/2016) - Relates to Year 4 Mental Maths Workout Book (Age 8-9)



Caitlyn(04/09/2015) - Relates to KS2 Maths Practice Book (Age 8-9)


Thank you great for my students

Fernando(25/08/2015) - Relates to KS2 Maths Practice Book (Age 8-9)


Good product

Alesha(28/07/2015) - Relates to KS2 Maths Practice Book (Age 8-9)


Item arrived as expected. Great buy!!!

Gilma(19/07/2015) - Relates to KS2 Maths Practice Book (Age 8-9)


Absolutely love these books. Really helpful for lesson planning & fantastic for kids. Up to date & precise. Perfect for tutoring & classroom work

Khadijah(02/07/2015) - Relates to KS2 Maths Practice Book (Age 8-9)


It gives my child something to work on. This book has been a big relief the way I teach my kid.

Vernie(30/06/2015) - Relates to KS2 Maths Practice Book (Age 8-9)


Such a great workbook.

Lawerence(18/06/2015) - Relates to KS2 Maths Practice Book (Age 8-9)


Good buy

gemma(19/11/2016) - Relates to Year 4 Mental Maths Workout Book (Age 8-9)



Gabriele(16/07/2015) - Relates to KS2 Maths Practice Book (Age 8-9)


helps daughter self study

Lavern(18/06/2015) - Relates to KS2 Maths Practice Book (Age 8-9)


useful learning tool to supplement work done at school. Nice and easy to follow

Tatum(05/06/2015) - Relates to KS2 Maths Practice Book (Age 8-9)


Good, clear book with lots of exercises. Definitely worth the money. On the easy side though. Both my children are average in Maths in Year 3 and can do parts of this book. So if your child is reasonably good at Maths, buy the book for a higher year. Great for reinforcement and extra practice though.

Roy(03/06/2015) - Relates to KS2 Maths Practice Book (Age 8-9)


great for my 9 year old

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