10 Minutes A Day Maths (Age 9-11)


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At Exam Ninja, we’re as suspicious about celebrity endorsed products as anyone else but you know what? Our cynicism was disappointed because these 10 Minute Maths books authored by Carol Vorderman are really very good!

First of all, they include an electronic timer, which is unexpected and really pretty neat!

The books are written around the concept of intense, 10 minute learning bursts. By only spending a short amount of time on the games and tests, children maintain a stronger, more productive level of concentration.

The 10 minute exercises include tests and games on numbers, patterns, measures, data and shapes and clearly aim to build children’s mathematical confidence, something many other books lack.

10 Minutes A Day Maths (Age 9-11)
Product Code EN1323
Publisher Dorling Kindersley
ISBN 10 1409365433
ISBN 13 9781409365433

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This is fantastic for lazy child who thinks they are wasting time. The timer is really useful for each page to time them self how long it takes to do two pages. The questions are varied and my daughter does it admit it does not take long or drag on.

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