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Each An Inspector Calls Study & Practice Pack (Product Code EN9142) contains...
1x An Inspector Calls (Text Guide) (Ninja Code: EN1137, RRP £5.95)
1x An Inspector Calls (Workbook) (Ninja Code: EN1867, RRP £5.95)

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Reviews (19)

E. Glover.(15/06/2017) - Relates to An Inspector Calls (Text Guide)


Great book, packed with information and work.
Would definitely recommend Exam Ninja to anyone needing study books.

Claire(07/05/2014) - Relates to An Inspector Calls (Text Guide)


I bought this review for my son doing GCSE English. It is very helpful and best of all arrived very promptly and without a postal charge. I would recommend it for other GCSE students.

Dominic Hughes(21/07/2012) - Relates to An Inspector Calls (Text Guide)


this book is fab. Because it is not a 'York notes' which is fab for studying books, plays and poetry. this book tells you how to write. basically! it helps with reading skills, writing skills and essential English. it even tells you how to do a speaking and listening!! if you do not have the English skills, doesn't matter how many York notes you've memorized you wont do well... if you cant write an essay you wont do well... I learnt a lot from this book. its great.CGP books are great as they give you good solid facts with funny comic-like pictures. most of the pics are silly but they will make you smile! GCP also uses bright colours to make these books fab to look at. it doesn't matter how good the books are if they are 100 pages of black and white notes you wont want to pick them up and read it.

Cathie Mahoney(12/07/2012) - Relates to An Inspector Calls (Text Guide)


This is a clear and concise guide to English Grammar that covers all the basics without any jargon. It's broken down into bitesize sections on grammar, punctuation and syntax with lots of examples and colourful illustrations. It's a bit simplistic but it'd make a brilliant quick reference book for GCSE level kids and for younger children too. There are lots of jokes, and the whole package manages to make grammar much more fun than a stuffy old-fashioned book might. In fact, I'd say it would make a perfect beginner's guide to good English - ideal for people learning English as a second language.

Kenneth Payne(04/05/2012) - Relates to An Inspector Calls (Text Guide)


I ordered this book for my 15 year old daughter who is revising for her English GCSE in May 2010.It is extremely well written and full of revision facts about the titled book. It has helped her a great deal as the book is written in an easy to understand format. It gives lots of answers and discussions to possible exam questions. I (and my daughter) would definitely recommend it to anyone studying this book to GCSE level.

Piers Parry-Crooke(01/05/2012) - Relates to An Inspector Calls (Text Guide)


This book is fab if you're doing English GCSE. It tells you everything you need to know and how to set out your exam essay for An Inspector Calls. You will deffinitly benefit from having this book.

Anna Halford(11/03/2012) - Relates to An Inspector Calls (Text Guide)


This book is easy to read, easy to understand and easy to learn from. It is useful for all ages and abilities as it makes even complicated terms seem easy. The funny quips and one liners make revision fun. It is great to see a book that is so much fun to read. Well done CGP for yet another classic.

Alison Macdonald(26/12/2011) - Relates to An Inspector Calls (Text Guide)


fast delivery, packed well, as described. book was informative and helpful for my daughter, and has given her something to do during the summer holidays

Pete Jump(25/12/2011) - Relates to An Inspector Calls (Text Guide)


Excellent resource, bought for my son as we both find CGP books excellent for explaining and for revision purposes. This means he already has an insight and understanding of the text ahead of time enabling him to focus better in class. For me it helps me understand what's going on to assist in Q&A for revision. very clearly laid out and good use of colour.

Clive Muriel(29/11/2011) - Relates to An Inspector Calls (Text Guide)


I couldn't have been more pleased; it was exactly what I wanted. Additionally the condition was super and the price was brilliant - thank you!

Magnus McGrandle(06/11/2011) - Relates to An Inspector Calls (Text Guide)


Good, concise guide. Not too 'wordy' for your average teen and a good reference point for parents trying to point offspring in right direction.

Rob Shepherd(18/09/2011) - Relates to An Inspector Calls (Text Guide)


You get exactly what's advertised! Great condition, prompt delivery and it's a fab book to refresh my knowledge of the English language.

Richard Jarrett(11/08/2011) - Relates to An Inspector Calls (Text Guide)


I find these revision guides very useful. They are easy to use and are written in a way which makes it easier to remember all of those things you need to. I would highly recommend anybody to buy one. They can be purchased very cheaply and are packed with all the relevant information. User friendly for both teenagers and those who didn't pay enough attention when they were.

Jane Hughes(22/03/2012) - Relates to An Inspector Calls (Text Guide)


This product was as expected, a good aid when used in conjunction with the book. It arrived on time and is worth the money.

Martin Rosenbaum(09/03/2012) - Relates to An Inspector Calls (Text Guide)


I brought this for my daughter for some extra revision on the run up to her GCSE's. Thought it really helped as it is explained in the most basic way.

Geoff Stayton(15/02/2012) - Relates to An Inspector Calls (Text Guide)


The book is very colourful, and the humour helps you relax. It covers good writing tips which WILL help you in your GCSE coursework and Exams, I would recommend this to anyone.

Hanna White(20/01/2012) - Relates to An Inspector Calls (Text Guide)


This is a very good text guide to help with An Inspector Calls at GCSE level. It gives you a great insight into the play and explains things very well. But sometimes it doesn't go into a deeper analysis and description which is required if you want to get the higher marks. But it has greatly helped me with the understanding and knowledge that I have of the play.

Anthony Massey(17/12/2011) - Relates to An Inspector Calls (Text Guide)


I purchased the book for my grandson who is doing his GCSE's. He is very pleased with it and has said how helpful it is.

Stephen Evans(14/09/2011) - Relates to An Inspector Calls (Text Guide)


This book is a good way of understanding and improving your English grades in high school. I have just bought this book and it has helped me to improve my English. This book helps you to understand the questions that you are likely to get in exams and the book is full of tips and actives and at the back it even tells you the answer to every question in the book.

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