GL Assessment 11+ Verbal Reasoning 10 Minute Tests (Age 10-11)


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This CGP book is perfect for providing children with realistic 11+ Verbal Reasoning preparation in bite-sized chunks. It contains more than thirty 10-Minute Tests, each covering a mixture of topics and skills - with step-by-step answers included in a pull-out booklet. There are also fun puzzle pages throughout to challenge children's Maths skills in a more relaxed style, plus a progress chart at the back. This book is ideal for the 11+ tests set by GL Assessment and other test providers, and provides excellent practice for the Kent Test. A separate edition for the CEM (Durham University) 11+ Test is also available.

Please note that this product is normally only sold as part of our pack GL Assessment 11+ 10-Minute Tests Pack (Age 10-11). Whilst we are happy to sell this item to you, it may not include full answers (or indeed the full questions) and would be more suitable and useful as part of our pack.

GL Assessment 11+ Verbal Reasoning 10 Minute Tests (Age 10-11)
Product Code EN1708
Publisher CGP
ISBN 10 1782942580
ISBN 13 9781782942580

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This book contains thirty ten-minute test, interspersed with "puzzle" pages, which are meant to be a bit more fun. The answers at the back include a clear explanation of the correct answer. This is an excellent way to practice lots of different questions, while also learning how to work under time pressure. Practice is vital in order to do well at these exams.



An excellent workbook that helps children develop and practice their verbal reasoning skills. The 10 minute tests are well designed to give realistic expectations, but to also help children develop strategies to increase their speed, pacing themselves, to ensure they complete as much of, if not all of, the test as they can within the given time.



This series of books really is excellent. The tests provide a real challenge to my son who is preparing for eleven plus exams this autumn. The verbal reasoning book contains 36 10-minute tests. Each test has around 15 questions, and an answer book that, praise be, explains the answers. VR tests are mainly tests of language understanding, and there are a large number of different question types. Ideal for fitting in at quiet moments, on car or train journeys...whilst dinner is being cooked...etc. I can't say that my son loves this book but I hope he will appreciate it later. At -



What a superb resource for parents and teachers. This is the sort of content we got in IQ tests, back in the dark ages, when I was a kid. And it is the sort of thing we never really covered in class, so some kids were great at it - and some just sat there, bewildered and frustrated, only able to manage a few answers. The world has clearly moved on in the centuries since then and it is heartening to see that children get the chance to develop these kind of language and problem solving skills in class - and in such a fun way. The icing on the cake is this lovely book, which gives them the opportunity to practice their skills - and their ability to keep within a time limit - both with the support of a parent or teacher. And it has a removable booklet with the answers and explanations, so parents (at least!) are not left trying to solve or explain anything by guesswork.. I intend to use this to help my grandchildren when each of them are at this stage - and I have to say, for some of the content, I'd have been lost without that little removable booklet!



My son is really weak at verbal reasoning, and as a result he hates having to do it. This book of 10-minute tests makes it a tiny bit easier to persuade him to work at it, as the short length of each test means he won't be stuck doing it for hours. The included answer book is comprehensive and explains the correct answers thoroughly. A great help.



This book is set out very clearly and gives a lot of puzzles and tests to work through, all at quite a challenging level suitable for children getting ready to take the 11+. These tests will give them practice and get them working quickly, and give them confidence with the type of work required in an 11+ test, in terms of their verbal reasoning. There are a couple of non verbal reasoning questions in here too - we did spot a little bit of numeracy work too but the bulk is on verbal reasoning including work on the meanings of words, working out letter based codes, verbal logic puzzles, filling in missing letters or selecting the correct word for a context or puzzle. The 10 minute test format means that you can do work in bursts without over whelming the child. Overall it's great



I am a teaching assistant in a primary school and have a child in year three. I have taken a number of these books to review so sorry if all the reviews are very similar as I am copying and pasting big chunks where relevant. Remember never write in the book! photocopy and reuse is the name of the game (or scan/print). This book is not a study book, it is the test practice (with a few educational games in between) although you go get an answer guide in the back which explains what you should be doing...for a TA/ISA/Tutor this is enough detail for your to bring to the front of your mind they way you need to do specific tasks if you forget. For a parent I think that it depends on how long it is since you were at school! But It does make sense if Junior has said at school they kinda do it like this but they're not sure of the whole thing because Thnigie was doing something silly and they missed the end.



A great product. Packed full of 36 tests and they are designed to cover a range of question types 10 puzzles this book provides your child with the opportunity to practise so prepare for the 11+ test. The answers are at the back and can be removed in a handy pull out section recommend.



Verbal Reasoning is what I think of as Comprehension+Reading to Absorb Meaning+Attention To Detail+Common Sense, and this contains what I'd call elements of Maths, too. This book provides clear questions covering all of the above, but no examples to start off with, together with clear answers plus explanations as to how those were reached. It will therefore allow a child to take the tests alone, or with a parent's help, but unlike other publications in this range, it is not strictly a 'teaching' book. It does provide tests that are as close as possible to those of the 11+ exams, in timed conditions. There are 37 tests in this booklet, with 10 puzzles that are a more light-hearted/fun way of learning, as the same principles are simply being worked on in a more relaxed setting. I am currently helping my friend's 9yo son study for entrance exams, and whilst this is not of the CEM (Durham Uni) range, this book has been a handy tool for general practice and improvement.



If your child is revising for an entrance exam, then this is a good addition to the revision. The questions are set out in the same style as the CGP tests, so check with the school if they are using this version. Even if not, they are good practice for the child to get into the exam mindset. The tests are designed to take 10 minutes, and this appears to work well, as it's hard enough getting children to sit down for ten minutes, let alone do school work. Keep going with it though, it's not something to dip in and out of. It succeeds by constant repetition.

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