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Practising for KS2 SATs can be really tricky, especially when there are so many different books offering so many different things. Helpfully, CGP's KS2 Maths SATs Question Book (Advanced Level) covers all the topics in the curriculum they're expected to know at the advanced level.

The book is packed full of realistic SATs style questions, and has practice tests at the start and end of the book, making it superb for gaining confidence and identifying possible weaknesses in your child's knowledge.

Topics include fractions, algebra, geometry, statistics and more.

With it's easy to understand, step by step answers and mark scheme, it's easier than ever to help your child practise.

KS2 Maths SATs Question Book (Advanced Level)
Product Code EN1705
Publisher CGP
ISBN 10 1782944206
ISBN 13 9781782944201

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This workbook contains a good variety of topics featured within the new curriculum and provides a suitable level of challenge for those working beyond average expectations for this age group. Additional features include two tests, one that can be used as a baseline assessment before your child uses the book, and one that can be completed once your child has completed the workbook as a means to assess progress; and answer pages which are a great time-saver for parents. Overall, this particular resource has been very helpful when trying to provide my children with some suitable challenge - highly recommended.



This book is for the AAR or very close children. I am a TA in a primary school and I have a KS2 child. This has the answers printed at the back and is designed to be worked through from the beginning to the end with tests at either end so that you can monitor progress. To be used after the study guide.



My 10 year old daughter just loves maths and couldn't wait to get started on this for fun! The book contains SAT style questions with answers at the back. This is a great work book for KS2 kids. It's contains questions for those exceeding the Y6 standard so they're the top end questions. Well done CGP another great book.



We've used CGP material for some time. I've always found their material clear and interestingly presented. The book was well laid out in A4 format and split into a number of sections covering fractions percentages, algebra etc. There are plenty of examples and an answer section. This book is up to date for the new curriculum for tests from May 2016 onwards. I liked the introduction of the book, which helps ascertain the child's starting level. Used with the separate advanced revision guide, this makes an excellent pack. As with most CGP study material you seem to get a lot for your money. I would certainly recommend this.



This workbook is designed to support the matching Advanced Revision Book by CGP and allows opportunity for practice to consolidate revision. The workbook gives additional questions for every Topic page by page in the Revision booklet using the same model as the worked examples so it's not too daunting and is more familiar. The book is designed to be written in with slightly lower quality paper and a more matte finish though a parent may wish to either purchase a spare or photocopy so children can attempt over and again until they are more comfortable especially as This is really only suitable for biro or pencil, anything else would leak through and ruin the other side of the page. There is an additional practice test at the beginning and end, however all the answers are in the rear which is a massive temptation. Really this should be a pull out section As a teacher, I would advise any parent seeking to push their child's grades up from standard to advanced through revision or tuition should purchase and get confident with the standard revision and workbook first as this would be daunting for a child to go into cold, if your child is already exceeding and confident then this would be a good pairing with the Revision book.



This book is invaluable for SATS practice, and it's one of the first that my Yr4 teacher son has seen that covers the new 2016 KS2 SATS. The book is divided into: Number and Place Value Calculations Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Ratio, Proportion and Algebra. Measure Geometry Statistics It starts with a practice test, so you can determine a child's starting level, and then, as he/she progresses through the book, there's another test so that you can measure how he/she has done (there are answers, and the answer section can easily be cut out of the book to avoid cheating!). The blurb on the back says that the new 2016 KS2 Maths SATS are tougher than ever - and I don't think that that's a lie, as there were sections of this that I couldn't do myself, despite having done A-levels Maths and using Maths in finance for my entire working life. But, it is useful practice and will help your child learn a LOT. However, it's worth noting that this is a book specifically put together for children who are EXCEEDING THE YEAR 6 OBJECTIVES, so it needs to be used with care to avoid worrying a child if he/she is not up to the level yet. Ambitious parents, note! Section 1 goes into a lot of detail about: Ordering Numbers/Negative Numbers/Rounding Off. Section 2 covers: Written Multiplication, Written Division, Multiplying and Dividing with Decimals/Order of Operations/Estimation and Accuracy/Factors, Multiples and Primes Section 3 covers: Fractions - Comparing, Devising, Adding, Subtracting and Multiplying/Equivalent Fractions and Decimals/Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Section 4 covers: Ratio and Proportion/Unequal Sharing/Percentage Problems/Similar Shapes/Formulas and Expressions/Finding Missing Numbers/Number Sequences Section 5 covers: Units and Conversions/Perimeters and Areas/Area of Triangles and Parallelograms/Volume. Section 6 covers: Angle Rules, Drawing 2D Shapes/Properties of Shapes/Angles in Shapes/3D Shapes/Coordinates/Reflection/Translation. Section 7 covers: Line Graphs/Pie Charts/The Mean and Practice Test 2. There are plenty of examples of all, and thank goodness for the answer section, which not only provides the correct answers, but gives an explanation about how these have been reached. Invaluable for both child and parents.



This book offers invaluable practice questions for students who are exceeding 'normal/standard' SATS Mathematics performance and when teachers have advised that this is the case. There are practice tests and questions here and they are actually pretty difficult. Covers the latest 2016 KS2 curriculum. If you are a parent, like me, in their 40s who studied Maths a long time ago, this kind of book is very useful so that you can help your child prepare adequately - it's amazing how much maths we forget in our adulthood !



This book is aimed at those children who are performing in a manner that exceeds their year 6 expectations, hence the 'Advanced Level' badge on the book. The targeted question book is designed to compliment the Study/Revision Book and is supposed to give children a flavour of what to expect from the new SATs. The book is well laid out, clearly divided into different sections and so is easy to use and follow. It is reassuring that answers - and detailed ones at that - are provided and do not have to be purchased separately. The questions are varied, covering all topics and should present a good challenge for those children working at a more advanced level. I would not recommend using this book unless you are sure your child can cope with it as some of the questions are very difficult (to be expected for an advanced level book) and would only serve to discourage a child who is not ready and undermine their confidence. This is a great question book for more advanced children and another well thought out and well put together resource from CGP.



Clear and easy to follow book, with plenty of practise questions for KS2 children to make sure that they have firmly grasped the concepts needed for the KS2 Sats. This book is for advanced level / exceeding objectives - so should be for a level 6 achievement in the SATs. My son is just starting KS2, and was exceeding in the KS1 SATs and actually managed most of these questions absolutely fine so they are not that hard but it's a great book to have to know what will be expected of the children, and to give extra practise and support at home. As always with CGP it's clearly laid out and appealing for children to do. We have the revision book too, so working with both books together will really help with children's maths



This is a complete workbook for those exceeding Year 6 objectives (level 6 in old money) and is for the new curriculum, for the tests from May 2016 onwards. It contains a test at the start to see how much the child already knows, sections on all the areas of maths covered in KS2 and a test at the end to see how much has been learned. There is a comprehensive answer section at the back showing workings. Having just supported one child through SAT's and with another due to sit them, I would say that this book is comprehensive and pitched at the right level. You should be aware that in this case that's quite high - hence as another reviewer has pointed out this book is to be used with caution. I think it's excellent to support a child who is naturally working at this level but could prove too daunting if your child is working at a lower (but still above average) level. The book is well laid out with plenty of space for answers and the questions are written in the style of the SAT's. Each page has the objective at the bottom with space to record how well you are meeting it. You should note that this book is NOT photocopiable. As such a great resource for extra preparation at home with parental support, for tutors or for differentiating in the classroom. This book is well done.



This book is aimed at those children who have exceeded the maths objectives for the new curriculum. The book is divided into 7 sections including work on statistics and geometry. At the front of the book is a test that can be used for a baseline, a second test is at the end of the book which could be used once your child has practiced each of the sets of questions through the sections. Answers at the back are provided for both tests and all the section questions. Recommend.



This is a great workbook for children who are doing well in their final years of primary school and need a bit of stimulation. The book is clearly set out and answers are provided. The subject areas covered are split into seven sections: number and place value; calculations; fractions, decimals and percentages; ratio, proportion and algebra; measure; geometry; and statistics. I'd recommend it highly.



These are great KS2 question books to test children as they approach their SATS. Recommended

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