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KS2 SATs Practice Papers Pack

  • Created By: Scholastic
  • Product Code: EN9120
  • Availability:
  • KS2 SATs practice papers with answers
  • Maths, reading comprehension & SPaG
  • 100% in-line with the 2020 SATs
  • Audio for the spelling tests
  • Boost confidence and performance
£19.95 £23.85

KS2 SATs Practice Papers Pack

Help your child perform to the best of their abilities with these fantastic KS2 SATs Practice Papers.

Within this pack you will find:

  • 2x FULL SETS of KS2 Maths Papers - Paper 1 (Arithmetic), Paper 2 (Reasoning) & Paper 3 (Reasoning). [ View Sample ]
  • 3x FULL SETS of KS2 English Reading Papers. [ View Sample ]
  • 3x FULL SETS of KS2 SPaG Papers (Punctuation & Grammar Task & Spelling Task). [ View Sample ]
  • FULL Answers covering every single question.
  • Professionally produced audio files (for the Spelling tests).

KS2 SATs Practice Papers Pack

These papers have been crafted by the award winning publisher Scholastic to really push and prepare children. They're tough, really tough, and if children can conquer these papers then they're certainly ready for the real ones!

However, not happy with simply putting together the perfect collection of KS2 SATs Practice Papers, we at Exam Ninja teamed up with Scholastic to make them even more special by producing the audio for the Spelling tests! They're all correctly timed and professionally spoken by a former BBC World Service vocalist.

Make no mistake, these papers are not like the others. Scholastic wrote them to be especially challenging and we at Exam Ninja have helped tailor them into the superior preparation tool. They're exactly what your child needs for May.

Within the KS2 SATs Practice Papers Pack are the following books:

Quantity Title Product Code RRP
1 Year 6 Maths SATs Practice Papers EN1792 £7.95
1 Year 6 SPaG SATs Practice Papers EN1793 £7.95
1 Year 6 Reading SATs Practice Papers EN1794 £7.95

In buying this carefully selected and specially tailored pack you will save £3.90.