Phonics Flashcards (Set 2)


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These Phonics Flash Cards introduce the sounds and the corresponding graphemes (letters), to enable children to decode words easily so they are ready to conquer other phonics exercises.

This set follows on from Set 1 and includes 48 new sound and word cards. Picture/Word cards are included for children to practice using the sounds they have learnt in context.

Guidance for parents to practice the sounds with their child is offered throughout.

Phonics Flashcards (Set 2)
Product Code EN1305
Publisher Read Write Inc
ISBN 10 0198386818
ISBN 13 9780198386810

Reviews (25)

Claire (29/05/2013)


Very good for using at school and at home. For children 3-6. Nice colourful pictures. Good price and quick delivery. thanks a lot.



great quality product. I love read write inc and have got these to boost my sons phonic knowledge. they're great to help with the trickier sounds



This is exactly as described and has been an excellent tool for making it fun for a four year old child to learn the basics of learning to read with the use of phonetics.



After using the first box of Ruth Masking cards for my son this was just the natural progressive step. These cards are great; children love the pictures to help with the sound and it makes life easy when it lets the parent know if the sound is a bouncy sound or a stretchy sound. Brilliant, reasonably priced introduction to phonics for youngest.



An outstanding systematic phonics scheme - these cards are an absolute must for any parent, teacher or tutor. Particularly good for students with dyslexia as the pictures prompt the memory but cannot be 'read'. Cant praise this scheme enough and the delivery by my supplier was very fast - great all round



These are very useful if your child is doing the Read Write Inc. Phonics program at school as you can supplement their learning at home, and make a game of it.



These are fantastic! A must have even if your school doesn't follow the read, write, inc. programme. The pictures are lovely and the letters are clear plus it's on decent card. These can save a lot of time and effort!



after searching every where for help with teaching my daughter how to read, and spending lots of money on useless books and other cards, I have finally found these! with simple guides on which words to teach first, and how to sound the words out correctly.



Really pleased with purchase. My girls are enjoying doing extra work after school with these flashcards. Also helps that they use these in school. Would highly recommend.



These flash cards are great for building reading and for teaching trickier sounds, they will hopefully also help with writing. Excellent for filling in the gaps.



bought this item for my 5year old son to help with reading. really good and does the job. has the sound on one side and pictures with a sentence on the other side. easy to use and to learn. Recommend



This is an excellent product - very clear bright and a clever and fun way to help a child read with phonics - but, you definitely need to have handbook to make full use of all flashcards.



Excellent resource, chin able to say the sound immediately I show it and now developing speedwell worth the 5 quid!



Brilliant Brilliant. These are the exact cards teacher use. My children year 2 and reception really enjoy using them at home. It must be because they do them at school. Home learning is much easier with these cards.



A problem with modern society is that we think we can spend money and that the act of spending money in itself gives us what we want. So we buy lots of reading aids and our kids still can't read. Well...All you need are these phonics cards and plenty of your time. These have ALL the sounds we use in English. They teach how to break words down into their individual sounds. You don't have to have any other aids than these. Spend a lot of time with your kids learning ALL OF THESE SOUNDS. Only once they have learnt all the sounds should you proceed to teaching them to read. and I mean ALL THE SOUNDS...there are more than 26! They should also be able to put the sounds together to make words and be able to break words down into their constituent sounds. I bought these for my first two kids and then proceeded onto the Jolly Phonics set of yellow/read/green books. My kids were and are excellent readers from an early age. They were at or near the very top at reading of one of the best state schools in the country. Today I just got the pack out of the storage cupboard and started in a fun way with my 2.5 year old. She will be reading by 5. AND ENJOYING all that that brings. Honestly ALL YOU NEED ARE THESE JOLLY PHONICS CARDS AND TIME. Only buy Jolly Phonics IMHO. Sit down and spend time with your kids and save sheds loads of money. Retail therapy is for adults :-) Not kids.



Has helped my 4 year old learn her letters super quick and remember them. use them every day she is even learning to write them at the same time.



Sturdy cards with clear explanations to have a go at the Read Write Inc phonics at home. Recommended by the school and worth the price



Got this for my son who's 7 and is struggling with school work. They are really good & have helped him a lot to sound out words. They little rhymes are brilliant & easy to remember.



Useful cards, letter on one side and picture on the other. Big enough to be used with a small group.



Great educational cards to help with phonics. We were recommended these from school teachers. We have played with these cards about 4 times and my daughter is getting better at her reading.

Sue (03/01/2013)


For little keen readers, this is a great pack if you are negotiating the more complicated phonetics sounds such as are or ire. The phrases to practice are right up there with little sense of humours and my 5 year old loves it. Its more fun than homework and a great way to support with schoolwork.



The pictures were great and help emphasise the sounds needed. Great if using the read write inc system. Worth getting.



excellent way to introduce kids to phonics..although I should have bought green cards first as this doesn't have simple phonic sound such as a, b, c...



I consider that these cards are very useful and I will work with them a lot, I am very glad to buy it.



Once you've done the sounds and thought of all the words that have that phonic sound there's not much more to do with these. Recommend you save yourselves a lot of time/money and just write out the main sounds on pieces of card yourself.

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