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Problem Solving Pack (Ages 5-7)

Problem Solving Pack (Ages 5-7)

Something often mentioned in schools is that Maths lacks practical application.

Plenty of children find addition a simple task but once it's applied to money or time they get caught out.

It's not their school's fault! A cramped syllabus and a lack of time often means children only learn how to solve sums instead of problems. The most important skill is how to apply Maths skills to real life - Problem Solving!

Maths becomes engaging when it's applied to real life situations. Also, it is with these practical problems that Maths often becomes more understandable. Here is where we introduce the Exam Ninja Problem Solving Pack (Age 5-7)!

Within the Exam Ninja Problem Solving Pack (Age 5-7) are three workbooks. Stuffed inside each workbook are a plenty of questions involving time, money, distance and more. Children need to apply their mathematical skills to solve the problems.

Problem Solving Pack (Ages 5-7)

All the questions seek to test a child's interpretation of a problem as much as their skills to solve it.

The workbooks are suitable for children aged between 5 and 7. Full answers are included in a detachable booklet.

The Problem Solving Pack (Age 5-7) is a superb learning tool. It engages children's interest in Maths and helps practise essential problem solving skills.

Within the Problem Solving Pack (Ages 5-7) are the following books:

Quantity Title Product Code RRP
1 KS1 Problem Solving Workbook 1 EN1455 £3.50
1 KS1 Problem Solving Workbook 2 EN1456 £3.50
1 KS1 Problem Solving Workbook 3 EN1457 £3.50

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