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Reception Phonics Workout Pack (Ages 4-5)

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Reception Phonics Workout Pack (Ages 4-5)

These colourful workbooks are packed with enjoyable activities to help children master phonics.

In reception the academic focus is letter recognition, phonics and reading. Learning to read is hard and tiring, it takes many years before children become fluent readers.

Phonics (learning how combinations of letters sound) is at the very core of learning to read and children need to practise it!

This Reception Phonics Workout Pack contains five engaging workbooks that help boost children's confidence with phonics. These colourful books start with simple letter and sound recognition activities before moving on to more complex combinations.

By practising in the structured format presented by the books, children find the exercises fun and rewarding to complete. The Reception Phonics Workout Pack is an absolute essential for all children.

Within the Reception Phonics Workout Pack (Ages 4-5) are the following books:

Quantity Title Product Code RRP
1 Reception Phonics Workbook (Book 1) EN1919 £3.95
1 Reception Phonics Workbook (Book 2) EN1920 £3.95
1 Reception Phonics Workbook (Book 3) EN1921 £3.95
1 Reception Phonics Workbook (Book 4) EN1922 £3.95
1 Reception Phonics Workbook (Book 5) EN1923 £3.95

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