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Times Tables Colouring Book 2 (Ages 7-11)

  • Created By: Tarquin
  • Product Code: EN1982
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Times Tables Colouring Book 2 (Ages 7-11)

Times Tables Colouring Book 2 follows on from Book 1 with more times tables colouring!

Just like Book 1, Book 2 is genuinely unique and will help your child master their times tables. There's nothing novelty or daft about it, this is a superbly simple and remarkable book.

Every times table has a picture puzzle made up of small numbered areas to colour. If the area is a multiple of the times table, it needs to be coloured. When all these areas have been coloured then a hidden picture is revealed.

Times Tables Colouring Book 2 (Ages 7-11)

By using this informal and unusual technique, children become more familiar with their times tables.

There are also other charts and "hundred squares" to color and the book is then rounded off with a target test to check whether progress has been made.

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