GL Assessment 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning 10 Minute Tests (Age 10-11)


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This CGP book is perfect for providing children with realistic 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning preparation in bite-sized chunks. It contains more than thirty 10-Minute Tests, each covering a mixture of topics and skills - with step-by-step answers included in a pull-out booklet. There are also fun puzzle pages throughout to challenge children's Maths skills in a more relaxed style, plus a progress chart at the back. This book is ideal for the 11+ tests set by GL Assessment and other test providers, and provides excellent practice for the Kent Test. A separate edition for the CEM (Durham University) 11+ Test is also available.

Please note that this product is normally only sold as part of our pack GL Assessment 11+ 10-Minute Tests Pack (Age 10-11). Whilst we are happy to sell this item to you, it may not include full answers (or indeed the full questions) and would be more suitable and useful as part of our pack.

GL Assessment 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning 10 Minute Tests (Age 10-11)
Product Code EN1710
Publisher CGP
ISBN 10 1782942572
ISBN 13 9781782942573

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Non verbal reasoning (NVR for ease) is the little visual puzzles which ask for pattern recognition (which is the odd one out, which is next in the sequence or which of these matches the sequence best?) These tests are often applied in the educational setting, in this book's case preparing for the NVR test of the 11+, but some state schools do NVR tests in year 7 to help streaming and they are also used in IQ and MENSA tests, I've even done some of these when I was applying for graduate jobs in the later 2000s. The book is aimed at preparing the 10-11 year old for the 11+ so are the hardest of this age group, after a short explanatory introduction giving worked examples of question styles there are several 10 minute tests utilising one or more of these techniques to help teach the brain to recognise the patterns easier and quicker. My only quibble is I think it would be best matched with the study book which will explain more and break the process of pattern recognition down further. In my opinion this book has value outside of the 11+ system as it will give any child a boost in problem solving skills utilised in STEAM subjects and help brighter children who may never have encountered these tests before get a better result on IQ or streaming tests than they would have without the process explained.



This book contains 33 individual 10 minute tests in English and Non-verbal. The opener is a really tidy comprehension about the Eiffel Tower with questions to answer in 10 minutes. The subsequent ones are on different subjects, each individual in its own right and each aiming to test a different area of knowledge. We have found this very useful to flag up areas of concern where we need to work a little harder. My daughter succeeded last year using this strategy and we are hoping for the same again this year with my son. The book is really well presented. It is a proper book rather than a booklet and comes with a comprehensive removable answer book which is great to be able to debrief and guide a better performance next time. Really recommended both for state and private 11+ preparation.



Excellent and easy to do in small bite size chunks!



Excellent 10 minute tests to challenge children's skills and help them prepare for their 11+ test. Everything is well laid out, presented nicely so that the book is easy to use and there are nice 'fun' puzzle challenges to break up the testing. I really like the way detailed, step-by-step answers are provided as I have had books in the past whose answers have had to be purchased separately. I think tip-by-step is even more essential in non-verbal reasoning as sometimes they can be quite tricky and very detailed answers give good hints at how to approach such problems and help build thinking skills.



Like all CGP Books this is well written and clear, Packed full of 10 minute tests for the 11+ . The type face is really clear and I like that. Even while an adult I have enjoyed trying out the questions. A very good guide/question book.



The non-verbal reasoning tests are perhaps the most unfamiliar format for any primary school child preparing the 11+ test but following a normal curriculum as they are unlike anything they are likely to study in class. As such my child and I are finding this booklet particularly helpful. In progressively more difficult short tests broken up by mini puzzles. There's a detachable answer booklet which explains the answers and how to arrive at them in full - handy as there is certainly a different way of thinking in these tests. The pages are well laid out and the paper it is printed on is of a good quality. A really good resource that I would recommend as both a teacher and a parent.



It's a sad testament to the commoditisation of education that these things exist but, if you must, you can't do much better than the CGP pack unless you hire a tutor.



As a private tutor, teaching children ages 6-15, I have always found this series of books very helpful. Both because of their content, and the familiarity of students to the series themselves. The way the book is laid out, being easy to read and understand means that students don't go into a blank stare but can be actively engaged in their education. In this edition, the 30 papers provided have the same structure and a similar, providing a clear path for practicing, understand and developing your non-verbal reasoning for the 11+ test. There is an answer book at the back if the questions prove too challenging, as well as for explanation. This can be removed or kept inside the back sleeve. Puzzle pages throughout the book provide some variety and fun as well. This books is really very useful, not only for 11+ preparation but in general for skills for pupils aged 10-11.



This book is full of short, ten-minute test, interspersed with "puzzle" pages, which are meant to be a bit more fun. This is an excellent way to practice lots of different questions, while also learning how to work under time pressure. Many of the non-verbal reasoning questions are so strange that only be practising a lot can a child learn to recognise quickly what each type of question requires of him or her (which makes this a fundamentally bad test, but that's a different matter!).



This book is clearly set out with plenty of questions at a realistic level for the 11+ tests. The 10 minute test format works really well for revision at home and my boy has been happy to work with this book, and other 11+ preparation books in the same series from CGP. The books are comprehensive with plenty of questions, and the answers in the back in case they are needed. It has a decent range of questions, and we would recommend



A well put together set of tests, that mirror the entrance exam format extremely well. Children should be able to understand what's going on, even if the parents don't!



My son loves doing these little quizzes - it is really good to get him practising more often because the 10-minute tests are in short bursts, so there is no time for him to get bored. There's only 14 questions in each test, so it's much easier to motivate the student. Of course, that doesn't mean the questions are easier, but at least there is a comprehensive answer book included with the book!



What I found with using these test papers where they are only 10 mins my daughter does them. It teaches her a good understanding of all aspects and types of questions ready for the 11+.It helps you find out what needs more attention. Worth 30 tests and a handy progress chart.



Excellent bite size tests for potential 11 plus entrants. Recommended.



The cardboard folder comes with a strong Velcro fastener to keep loose papers in place. There are 4 full Non-Verbal reasoning papers in the pack and luckily multiple choice answer sheets for each test. An added bonus is an answer book that provides a full explanation of each answer which really helps with revision and repeat testing. A great product.



The books give the children an insight into the tests they will have to take.



Whilst I appreciate this book for what it is trying to do, I can't help thinking that it is just too hard! The tests are typically 14 or 15 questions, and you are given 10 minutes. None of these are a doddle. I'm not stupid (I have a degree in Physics, a masters in Software) but I am finding it impossible to get through these tests in the time provided. OK, my brain isn't as nimble these days as my 10 year old son but he can't finish them either. My eldest is at one of the top grammar schools in the country, and we hope #2 will join him. I asked him to try one...same result - ran out of time. The notes say that my child should be getting 12/15. Some hope. I think we will remove (or double) the times for these tests and just work through the theory. Because the great thing about the book is that you get LOADS of these questions, and the answers are clearly explained. Understanding what to look for is key.



One of a range of 10 minute test books for 10 - 11 year olds. This particular one contains 30 tests with 10 pages of puzzles. The questions are set for the 11 plus tests. My Granddaughter is finding these books really useful and enjoys the tests. She is bright, very bright but is finding that the allocation of time is not enough to work through the tests adequately. So we have altered the time frame slightly and find the pressure is off. This is peculiar to this book as we found no problem with the time slot of 10 minutes with the other 10 minute test books. As with the other books in this range they all follow the same structure with an answer book at the back to check the results at the end of the tests which are removable also. The puzzle pages provide some variety also. Brilliant little books which really aid 11 plus preparation.

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