KS1 Problem Solving Workbook 1

KS1 Problem Solving Workbook 1

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Year 1 (Age 5-6)Workbooks


KS1 Problem Solving is a progressive series of books which help children to sharpen their mathematical skills by applying their knowledge to a range of 'real-life' situations such as shopping and telling the time. KS1 Problem Solving Book 1 would be suitable for children moving from the Early Years Foundation Stage to Key Stage 1 and those already in KS1. Book 1 includes:
  • addition and subtraction to 20
  • counting money and calculating change
  • days of the week and estimating time
  • 2-D shapes, weight and capacity.

    Please note that this product is normally only sold as part of our pack Problem Solving Pack (Ages 5-7). Whilst we are happy to sell this item to you, it may not include full answers (or indeed the full questions) and would be more suitable and useful as part of our pack.

    KS1 Problem Solving Workbook 1
    Product CodeEN1455
    PublisherSchofield and Sims
    ISBN 100721709222
    ISBN 139780721709222

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