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Problem Solving Pack (Ages 9-11)

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Problem Solving Pack (Ages 9-11)

Your child may be able to calculate 33 + 53 = 86 ... but do they understand it? Can they apply it to money or unit problems?

Something often spoken about Maths in schools is that it's taught with a lack of practical application. A cramped syllabus and limited time means children often learn plenty of methods of solving sums but not how to apply those skills to real life problems.

The government clocked onto this and changed the 2016 SATs to include two new problem solving or application papers after the new mental arithmetic based paper.

We think that Maths becomes truly engaging when it is applied to real life situations and it is with these practical problems that Maths often becomes more understandable. It's a perfect example of...learning from example!

Enter the Exam Ninja Problem Solving Pack for children aged between 9 and 11. This perfectly formed pack contains three workbooks that are stuffed full of common problems that your child can only solve by first understanding the problem and then applying their Maths skills. No launching into methods!

The topics within the workbooks include time, money, temperature, percentages, puzzles, units, measures and plenty more. All the questions seek to test your children's interpretation of a mathematical problem as much as their skills to solve it.

The three workbooks are suitable for children aged between 9 and 11 and all answers are included.

Within the Problem Solving Pack (Ages 9-11) are the following books:

Quantity Title Product Code RRP
1 KS2 Problem Solving Workbook 3 EN1447 £3.50
1 KS2 Problem Solving Workbook 4 EN1448 £3.50
1 10 Minutes A Day Problem Solving (Ages 9-11) EN1761 £5.95
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