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Science Revision Guide (Ages 5-7)

Science Revision Guide (Ages 5-7)

Closely matched to the National Curriculum, this Schofield & Sims Revision Guide helps children to revise what they have learnt at school, in preparation for the KS1 tests.

Clearly presented examples and colourful illustrations help bring revision to life, while targeted practice questions highlight any gaps in understanding.

The Key Stage 1 Science Revision Guide covers the statutory requirements for Key Stage 1 science and includes:

  • Helpful Tips for tests.
  • Advice on how to revise effectively.
  • Remember boxes to summarise key information.
  • Regular Test yourself questions and answers to check recall of information.
  • A Glossary to encourage the correct spelling and use of subject vocabulary.
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EN1917 Schofield and Sims 0721713688 9780721713687