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10 Minutes a Day Phonics (Ages 3-5)

Learning the sounds that letters and combinations of letters make can be challenging at a young age. Thankfully, Carol Vorderman's 10 Minutes a Day Phonics book is a perfect tool for supporting your child's learning.

It can be difficult to fit your child's learning into your day to day life. We want to make sure they have the best support that they can get, and this Carol Vorderman 10 Minutes a Day Phonics book, featuring a 10 minute timer, makes things a lot a great deal easier.

The book and timer are easy to use, and encourage improvement; set your best time, and then beat it! The book will help your child in listening for middle and end letter sounds, as well as connecting letter sounds to make simple words.

With the book being so simple to use little and often, the enormous popularity of this book is no wonder, and we at Exam Ninja would highly recommend it for anybody looking for a phonics learning tool that is both fun and effective for your child.

10 Minutes a Day Phonics (Ages 3-5)

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