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Handwriting Workbook (Ages 4-7)

  • Created By: Scholastic
  • Product Code: EN1808
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Handwriting Workbook (Ages 4-7)

Handwriting matters. It's not easy to start and it's definitely not easy to master. Put simply, handwriting is hard work.

Clear, easy to read handwriting makes life easy for teachers and exam markers. Indeed, if children leave primary school with good handwriting, it can last a lifetime.

This fantastic workbook by Scholastic will help your child master handwriting in a fuss-free way.

Children start by working through patterns and learning how to correctly form every letter. The book then moves on to fun activities that match the national curriculum. Often they will be asked to copy a word and match it to a related image, fill in the blanks or complete the pattern.

The book also covers capital letters, numbers and introduces joining letters.

This Handwriting Workbook is ideal for children aged between 4 and 7. The fun activities will help your child quickly build dexterity, speed and confidence in their handwriting.

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